Debora De Farias, DDS, MS


Dr. Debora G. De Farias graduated from the University of Brasilia, Brazil (1995) and the University of Florida College of Dentistry (2005). She has

also obtained a Master Degree in Health Sciences. In addition, she attended a Post-Graduate Pediatric Dentistry Internship and a residency in Operative Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. De Farias has been working as a General Dentist for more than twenty-five years. She has published multiple articles in Scientific Journals such as the Academy of General Dentistry, Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry and Clinical Oral Investigation, among others. Her articles addressed issues such as prevention of oral diseases, implants, esthetics and biomaterials. She has participated in several dental meetings in the US, Brazil, France and Canada to further her involvement with the dental communities. She is currently an active member of the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association. The conclusion of a Mini-Residency in Complete Dentistry, from TMJ to Smile Design at the prestigious The Dawson Academy is scheduled for April 2021.

Dr. De Farias combines an exceptional education, clinical experience, and long-standing personal dedication to improve the health and smile of children and adults. Dr. De Farias is not only passionate about her health career, but she also loves literature and arts. An avid reader since the age of four, she grew up surrounded by books, fascinated especially by the true stories of those unknown heroes and heroines that are part of history. This is one of the main reasons she began the writing journey, writing and publishing in January 2021, her first historical novel entitled Standing Tall. 

Debora lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Toan Nguyen and their son, Andrew. When not writing, reading, or promoting beautiful smiles, Dr. De Farias can be found painting. Her art reflects her interest in travel and culture, the realistic depictions of the transformative effects of the light and color.


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